12:00 pm
Finding Balance and Healing at Sea

Trauma knows no boundaries and those impacted by it are as diverse as the coastlines washed by the ocean. Camaraderie on the battlefield is replaced by that found on a level playing field of holistic transformative healing qualities of spirited paddling on the ocean which fosters a sense of belonging, love and respect for the sea with a competitive spirit. The complex personal stories of healing and triumph from veterans with multi-faceted service-related conditions go beyond the anecdotal to highlight the innovative methodology of using paddling as an inclusive sport to address acute physical injury and PTSD. Allow us to introduce you to an innovative program focused on the healing process, adaptive to individual needs of those with visible and invisible scars … this is SEASU. Through our discussion, we will: Introduce SEASU and its methodology to you. Showcase the innovative personalization of the Surfski which makes this special paddling community accessible to all veterans. Share personal stories of veterans and their families whose lives have been effectively improved by the program. Share the vision for SEASU’s future and veterans in the US & Israel. Streamed live, the program will feature: Michael McDevitt ShaiFounderSEASU Eyal AbroFounderSEASU Shlomo NimrodiPaddler Rep & IDF Veteran Roy HazizaPsychological ConsultantSEASU Eran PeriPaddler Rep & IDF Veteran Host: Wayne FirestoneExecutive DirectorAmerica-Israel Friendship League Please share with your friends and family and register on Zoom or watch live on AIFL's Facebook page.