12:00 pm
The Art of Leftovers: A Gourmet Chef’s Colorful “Palate”

What do you get when you combine two Israeli master chefs and restaurateurs who live on different continents and happen to be good friends with different culinary specialties? Why, a gastronomical adventure of course! They honed their skills over the years gaining notoriety in their respective fields - one in Asian Fusion, now owner of Givatayim’s renowned Papasan restaurant, he is working on new projects influenced by Asian culture and Asian culinary traditions, and the other an LA-based private chef, culinary consultant, and Executive chef, and co-owner of NUA restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills who brought the many flavors of the Mediterranean to the west coast of the United States. Let us join Chef Yoav Schverd and Chef Moshe Badishi, who have discovered their niches in cultural cuisine by each making it their own and modifying dishes to the palates of their clients and guests. Both chefs will take us on an imaginative culinary journey of making gourmet creations from our holiday leftovers. We will hear their personal stories and learn what spurred their culinary genius They will teach us to look at our own holiday leftovers differently and be a bit more creative in our own kitchens They will share with us wonderful dishes and recipes created from leftovers from the high holidays, featuring dishes for the meat lovers and vegetarians among Streamed live, the program will feature: Chef Moshe Badishi Chef Yoav Schverd Host: Wayne FirestoneExecutive DirectorAmerica-Israel Friendship League Please share with your friends and family and register on Zoom or watch live on AIFL's Facebook page.