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One of the AIFL’s’ newest initiatives is the establishment of a Think Tank inaugurated in May under the leadership of Gol Kalev. The Think Tank tackles some of the more critical issues facing Israel. Three working teams have been established to explore the first set of topics: The state of Zionism and her relationship with the Diaspora, Israel's Soft-Power, and Legitimate Criticism of Israel vs. Israel Bashing.

The 50 Jewish and non-Jewish members of the Think Tank are accomplished and seasoned individuals with a track record of success. They are assisted by a number of advisors and interns who have been recruited by the Think Tank.

Mr. Kalev believes this is a crucial time to look beyond the day-to-day challenges: "We are now 120 years into the establishment of Zionism, 120 years since the establishment of the core of the American Jewish Community – circumstances changed and there is a big Now What that needs to be addressed."

Mr. Kalev thinks it is also important to focus on the positive messages Israel brings to the world. He views the Soft-Power team as one of the Think Tank's flagship projects. He believes Israel has underleveraged its Soft-Power, which can capitalize on its creative, entrepreneurial, cultural and innovative assets to strengthen its geo-political standing and promote peace. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Israel is not what's wrong with the Middle East; Israel is what'sright with the Middle East."think.tank

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120 Years Later: A Look at the State of Zionism and the American Jewish Community
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