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Youth Ambassadors Arrive in Israel

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To view more pictures of the 2013 YASE program please click here :http://www.aifl.org/what-we-do/photo-gallery/category/26-yase2013

Israeli teenagers visit, bond with Tecumseh students


AIFL Launches the 2013 Youth Ambassador Student Exchange (YASE) Program

The AIFL welcomes our 2013 Israeli Youth ambassador Delegations s who are participating in this year’s program from October 24th to November 21st, 2013.  This year’s program has expanded to include five American and five Israeli cities/school districts each represented by 10 youth ambassadors.

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The students arrived to US yesterday Thursday, October 24th and traveled to the following American cities and school districts to begin their home hospitality experience:

  • Houston Independent School District (TX): Bellaire and Lamar High Schools
  • Johnson County Central Public Schools (Tecumseh,NE), Johnson County Central High School
  • Bethany Public Schools (OK): Bethany High School
  • Virginia Beach  City Public Schools (VA): Tallwood High School
  • New York City Public Schools (NYC): Curtis  (SI) and Herbert H. Lehman High Schools (Bx)

They will be joined by their American counterparts in Washington, DC and New York from Thursday, November 31st to partcipate in workshops, seminars and site visits promoting tolerance, diversity and respect for other cultures  while developing their leadership skills.  The group will then travel to Israel on Wednesday, November 6th where American youth ambassadors will embark on a symbiotic experience there.

The outline for this year’s program is as follows:

October 24th – Israeli Youth Ambassadors arrive in the US
October 24th to October 31st – Home hospitality program
October 31st to November 3rd – Washington, DC
November 3th to 6th – New York
November 7th - American Youth Ambassadors travel to Israel
November 7th - 11th Jerusalem
November 11-14th - Tel Aviv
November 14th - 21st – Home hospitality program
November 21st - American Youth Ambassadors return to the US 
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