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The Alumni Connection

Yafit Lev-Aretz , S.J.D. Candidate
In 1998 when Mrs. Lev-Aretz was informed about YASE, she had no idea what lay ahead. Her participation in the program “changed my life,” she said. Coming from a traditionally religious Jewish home and neighborhood, she found it fascinating to meet people whose backgrounds
were completely different.“The Israelis and Americans involved in the program made a deep impression on me. 
It was the most influential experience of my life. I had always had friends in school, but when you are a teenager, studying hard is usually not the most popular thing to do.
On this trip, I learned how valued education was by people I grew to admire. For them, doing well in school was a positive. I not only had a wonderful time as a YASE Ambassador, I made a determination to engage seriously in academic pursuits,” – Yafit Lev Aretz, 1998 YASE Alum
In 2008, she and her husband, Ohad came to the U.S. so she could complete a masters degree in law at Columbia University.
After completing her masters, Mrs. Lev-Aretz began a doctoral program in law at the University of Pennsylvania.
Niambi Jarvis, J.D.
Niambi serves as the Director of the Office on Women’s Policy Initiatives and Executive Director of the D.C.
Commission for Women. In her dual roles, she advises Mayor Adrian Fenty on issues affecting women and their families.
As a member of the Mayor’s Cabinet, she also advises agency heads and the legislative branch on issues such as gender equality and inclusion, violence against women and how to leverage public and private resources for women in the District of Columbia. Niambi traveled as a Youth Ambassador in 1988 with the Washington D.C. delegation. Twenty years later, she remains an integral part of the Youth Exchange, offering a keynote speech to each YASE delegation when they visit D.C., organizing Capitol Hill tours and Congressional meetings. In 2007 Niambi was elected to the AIFL Board.

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