Our History


Senator Henry “Scoop”Jackson and Congressman Herbert Tenzer two of the original founders of the AIFL

Our History

In 1971 a remarkably distinguished group of American leaders founded the AIFL including: U.S. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey; Senators Henry "Scoop" Jackson and Nelson A. Rockefeller; Congressman Herbert Tenzer; and civil rights leaders A. Philip Randolph, Raymond M. Patt, and Herman Z. Quittman.

They admired Israel's bold and enterprising spirit, appreciated her perseverance in a hostile neighborhood, and marveled at her ability to incorporate faith and tradition with innovation and egalitarian principles. AIFL’s founders saw in Israel America's likeness and greatness, and wanted to strengthen the historic allegiance between these two nations whose values were so similar.

AIFL was established to promote a strong and enduring friendship between Americans and Israelis. The friendship envisioned by AIFL’s founders would thrive on Israel’s and the United States’ mutual understanding and shared commitment to democracy. The America-Israel Friendship League remains committed to the vision of its founders.

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